FAST Romania vision

Old homes

Supporting the marginalised

FAST works primarily with families from marginalised Rroma communities in Brasov County, in the centre of Romania

The emphasis is on help that promotes self-sufficiency, and echoes the Christian principles and faith that underpin the work of FAST

We run projects that meet educational, work skills and social care needs, together with practical improvements in living conditions for needy families

We work to eliminate poverty, deprivation and discrimination, and to promote social integration in Brasov county, Romania


Through its activities, FAST aims to:

  • facilitate integration of marginalized Roma communities from Sacele, Tarlungeni, Zizin and Budila into society by providing educational services and social assistance to children and families living in critical situations
  • help those numerous children and families who continue to fall through the cracks by offering them a chance to help themselves


  • to increase access to education for children living in marginalised rural areas
  • to improve the quality of life for children and families in critical situations
  • to facilitate the formation of positive role models which generate hope, confidence, and responsibility in the community


  • We work with needy families and children in four local communities: the villages of Tarlungeni, Budila, and Zizin, and the town of Sacele
  • All four have isolated and effectively segregated areas populated exclusively by impoverished families of the Rroma ethnic group, which has been discriminated against in Romania for centuries
  • Despite making up, by some counts, more than 25% of the Sacele area population, these communities are often cut off from the local economy and the local education system
  • National and European Union efforts at integrating Rroma populations into society have begun quite some time ago but are moving slowly

Better homes