Our mission is to support children and youth in their journey from school to the job market. We encourage them in their personal and professional development in order to have an independent livelihood.

Vocational Training

Our Vocational Training Centre “ZIUREL” was officially inaugurated in October 2017, being part of the “Windows to the Future” project, funded by Velux Foundations, ERSTE Stiftung, FAST UK and Bolton at Home. The centre hosts an educational youth programme, which brings together nonformal education with vocational training. “ZIUREL” is the place where children and youth between 12-18 years old discover the necessary resources for improving their technical and social abilities, thus being better prepared for life.

The institutional partnership with the local vocational school enables us to reach students from Săcele, Tărlungeni and Zizin, and to give them the opportunity to take part in weekly workshops and personal development sessions. Our training includes work in several types of jobs, such as: Hairdressing, Hospitality, Catering, Construction and Design, Mechanics. The annual curriculum includes teacher-student meetings, field trips and group meetings, an award ceremony at the end of school year and a summer camp.

Vocational Training Centre 2018 Activity Report (Romanian only)

Latest pictures from our work:


Our mentorship programme is based on the Character First methodology, through which a series of character traits are studied and applied together with students.

The subjects cover a wide range of topics, such as personal development, career advancement, human relationships, work ethics, conflict management, financial education, leadership etc.


Starting with the belief that “A child who read will be an adult who thinks”, in 2017 we have started to lay foundations for a literacy programme in Tărlungeni, Brașov County. The activities are dedicated for children with learning difficulties and low performance in school due to the lack of reading skills. We have therefore developed internal resources and teaching materials adapted to the particular needs of children.