The Better Homes project

Better Homes Project started in 2007 with the aim of improving the living conditions for Roma families in seriously deprived situations. Since then we have built 25 new homes and helped improve a similar number of existing houses where the families’ resources were limited

Within ​the Roma communities on the outskirts of Brasov, there are thousands of people living in extreme poverty, many of them barely making their living from one day to the next. Hundreds of children live in improvised shelters lacking the very basic necessities such as food, running water, heating and electricity

Better Homes project is designed to support deprived Roma families who wish to improve their living conditions. FAST offers these families the opportunity to build themselves a new house and change their situation for the better. The project brings confidence and hope for a better life and over the years we have seen many poor families turning their hopeless situation into a promising future

Since 2007 until now, FAST has helped over 60 families, mainly within the two roma settlements, Zizin and Tarlungeni. In the process, the project employed 7 young Roma men and women, who are presently being trained as leaders and role models within the community