“Windows to the Future” Training Centre

FAST has got over a decade of experience in working with and for the Roma communities in the area of Brasov. For the last 7 years, many of our staff have been Roma. As a natural development of FAST, we have been considering various ways in which to facilitate access to the labour market for young people living in disadvantaged conditions

“Windows to the Future” is envisaged to be an exemplary Vocational Training Centre, providing skills, motivation and self-respect to Roma youth seeking to start a career

Hands-on vocational training, combined with personal encouragement and social support can pave the way to a dignifying life for many children and families living in poverty and distress. Moreover, as Romania seeks practical solutions to its growing social problems, “Windows to the Future” intends to provide an alternative approach to poverty and social integration

The building renovation, equipping and running costs of the Training Centre until 2018 are funded by THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS. Additional costs and support are provided by the ERSTE foundation and FAST UK.