“Education defeats poverty”

The “Impreuna” Day Centre ...

We strongly believe in the power of education to change lives and provide lasting solutions to many of the problems found in deprived communities. Education has always been a major emphasis in our programme

With the opening of the “Impreuna” (Together) Day Centre in October 2013, we saw the beginning of an amazing development in this area. The Local Council has partnered with FAST in renovating an old derelict building and setting up and running a multi-purpose Education Centre, aiming to improve educational performance for children and youth at risk

The Centre reaches out to all the three ethnic groups of children in our town: Romanian, Hungarian and Roma

  • Romanian
  • Hungarian, and
  • Roma

The vision is to empower children and young people and enable them to reach their potential and break down the social barriers that divide our community

Through the Day Centre we are already reaching more than 800 children each month and providing the following activities:

  • English and computer classes
  • Arts and crafts
  • Dance and music
  • Homework support
  • Sports
  • Stage performing
  • Roma

There is a programme for mentoring young people and emotional support is provided where needed by professional personnel